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robust methodology and insight

Understanding why teachers value certain brands, products and services



Understanding the value of educational products and services



Gain insight into which features and attributes of products and services work in the educational sector


Short and timely questionnaires to gain rapid feedback on topical issues

UK School Disruption Research Reports

We have been working on a series of free market reports for the sector and these are provided below. (click on the icons to download each report)






The first report considers the view on the need to close educational establishments before the announcement was made. How would they cope with home learning and which resources were they planning to use? And what would it do to spending on resources?







The second report quickly followed as the announcement of school closures was formally made. Most importantly at the time was what would happen to statutory examinations assessments and how this would impact students. We also continued to follow up on spending expectations and take the first view on how teachers were coping in the first few weeks. 










The third report was conducted at the end of April and discussed when schools would likely re-open and what the impact would be on spending across each likely set of dates. Not only did we look at the impact on spending in Q2 (Apr/May/Jun), but also across Q3, Q4 and the calendar year as a whole.






This report covers the experiences GCSE and A level students have had in learning from home. There are significant differences in learning activities between final and first year students at each level and these are investigated.






Our latest report launched on 12 June highlights the views of SLTs as they consider the impact of student outcomes from closure and on retaining staff during this difficult period. In addition, budgets will need re-working, including resource spending.

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